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December 19, 2011


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solar panels

I agree with battery storage capabilities having the best impact. It would solve the problem of solar panels when there is minimal sunlight.

pv solar panels

Net zero buildings would define the solar energy sector. The market is slowly gaining on it.

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Solar Panel Installation

Great interview! I believe more and more people should be encouraged to use sustainable solutions. This way if distributed power goes down, not everyone will be out of power.


What are some renewable egnrey resources?I am in geography class right now and we have to research some renewable egnrey resources. Does anyone have any ones that are slightly more original than wind turbines. ALso how they work if you canthanksx


All courses and deerges dealing with renewable energy or green field without prerequisite deerges in Science or Engineering are bullbleep.Students need a background in Science or Engineering (preferably Engineering) before they can understand energy issues. Otherwise, graduates of these phony courses just become loud and ignorant shrieking nuisances.


Basically a big battery. Or a bunch of big bariettes. But almost no place actually relies 100% on only wind and solar, because the bariettes are expensive and not really green (full of toxins like lead and acid or whatever). So most places rely only partly on wind and solar, and use regular power company power when there is no wind at night.


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Joe, Just a couple of years ago it would have been very hard to take a tycaipl room in suburban Atlanta and furnish it to the clients taste using eco friendly products. They just really didnt exist. Now most of the traditional manufacturers are putting a green foot forward, some greener than others. Sustainable woods, bamboo, natural fibers, low emissions finishes, etc. There's one contemporary line from Canada, Pure, that makes 100% of their furniture from eco friendly materials. Even the staples are from recycled metals. As I mentioned in my post, clients are not asking me for green design in Johns Creek, but we could provide that service fairly easily now.


I noticed seevral projects in Nevada. Apparently, Senator Reid bringing home the bacon for his state and jobs for his constitutents, but opposes helping other states and workers with the Keystone pipeline. What other Democratic members are benefitting from these loans? Not only are these govt loans not within the enumerating rights in the Constitution of Congress, but they are a waste of taxpayers' hard earned money. Give the money back to the taxpayers to use as they find best for themselves. It is a myth that Mr. Obama is "smarter" the American taxpayer.


In terms of system desgin, you need to consider the load imposed on the supply. In your question you mentioned a figure of 1500 kWh per week. This seems very high. It represents an average of 35 amps being drawn from the supply 24/7.I have a 4 bedroom house occupied by 2 adults and the minimum load, during the night falls to 0.8 Amps and peaks on some days to around 18 Amps for very short periods, the average through the day is about 2 Amps.One kW represents a load on the supply of about 4 amps for 240 volt supplies and about 8 on 120 volt supplies Understanding the load that is being imposed on the supply will help you to decide the dimensions of the system you need.For local power generation (micro generation) you can use wind or water turbines dependant upon location, and you can also use peizo electric generation (solar cells), all these are referred to as primary power. in addition to this you will need storage which is in the form of batteries.To use the battery power you will need an inverter, which generates power at mains voltage from the low voltage batteries. Additionally you will need a regulator, which controls the charge/discharge of the batteries, and is essential for efficient battery use and economical battery life.If your system is capable of generating power surplus to your requirements, you can sell this to your grid supplier for quite a reasonable return.

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