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April 22, 2012


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Exactly, we need to look back seriously and compare and think about the future.

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This is a very good thought and awareness. Uncontrolled carbon emission is the main cause to danger.


We could've done with that isinght early on.


organic cows have never had mad cow disease ever in hosrity.. makes one think doesn't it)To answer your question:I think going green helps our own immune systems, it prevents sicknesses/illnesses (created by chemical super bugs) is important to all around health well-being It also helps the environment (present and future) by reducing pollution, toxicity (airborne, ground, and water) less chemical waste, less waste in general which even if you're not a green person should make sense just based on fact and logic alone As we strive to protect the environment we should also look at protecting ourselves and family because we all know the Government and Health System doesn't!!! (they allow chemicals in our toothpaste, shampoos, etc that have been scientifically linked to cancer like parabens and their regulations allow foods and products with no long term tests to enter our stores and shelves like GMO's) This not only helps us but if we say no to things like this the environment will also reap the benefits


Thanks for this informative inaoomftirn. but not only in USA but also all the leading countries mainly G-8 and also the G-20 countries must follow all the environmental protocols. If all the leading countries follow this rest of the countries will follow automatically.But it is very unfortunate that U.S.A is one of the biggest source of environmental pollution. Though they reduce the rates in recent years but what about the damages that have already done to the nature?It's really high time for us to take some action to save our environment and world. I really appreciate the steps taken by Senators.


Hey Raymond, thanks for taking the time to comment on our posts. We appreciate your unique points that you bring up. If you have any suggestions on topics that you'd like to see here let us know!
Enviance Team

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It's really high time and we must look back and should think of holistically towards the mother earth.

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